New Website!

Here at the Hella Reckless HQ, our team has been working very hard to finish our new website.

Hella Reckless

We have added two new members to our family, Spanky, our new Creative Director, and Johnny Cult, our current web designer and Chief Operations Officer.

Our new website,, is still being polished off, however we wanted to release something you guys could post on without having to register an account like this current wordpress blog. New t-shirts, tanks, bootyshorts, thongs and stickers on the way! Big things to come!



Ditching on the Cab Driver

A Hella Reckless family friend took a cab with 2 buddies home from the bar. Let’s just say they were hammered and when the Indian cab driver stopped to let them out, they just ran instead of paying. He texted _____ for weeks about this. Here’s some of the texts:

The Butthole Beer Bong

Sent to us by a dear friend of ours, this is a funnel beer-bong going UP THE ASS of this alcohol veteran. We had to block out his face because, he would simply be too famous for his own good! Once again the HELLA RECKLESS family takes the crown of getting drunker than the entire world. According to the picture submitee, “We checked to see if the shots were going in, and we saw inside of _____’s asshole. Hella Reckless”

** NEW HELLA RECKLESS WEBSITE IS 90% DONE; we are currently beta testing the submission system. Stay tuned to the FB page for updates on this and our new merch on the way, designed by HELLA RECKLESS family’s new talented graphic/web designer Johnny Cult. **

Cast Away…

Passing out drunk near water can be risky… This poor member of the HR family was drunkenly cast away on an inflatable air mattress


Aussie Shower

We got this post from one of our Australian friends, not quite sure what exactly is going on here… But we thought it was pretty funny either way. The Australian Shower!

Beer Can Beach Strip Show!


This photo was taken on Beer Can Beach on the Sacramento River in Chico, CA! Perfectly timed shot, as soon as she flashed her titties it seemed like beers from multiple directions started being sprayed all over her! Classic Chico Times!

Winebags and Hoes

Sluts <3

“Me and my buds were just on a Spring Break trip to Lake Havasu along with 1800 students from seperate state schools around the West Coast. Around 2pm I came to my hotel room to refill my rum&coke, and walked in on my roommate makin’ it rain on these two party sluts by stickin’ $20 bills in their bikinis. Chico State students don’t need to front and talk shit similar to how ASU kids act, this is cuz we already know we’re HELLA RECKLESS!”

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