Awesomely Awkward

“On top of Riley’s Bar in Chico. Welcome Week. Somehow I get in the back room watching 30 year old guys slamming lines of coke off a picture frame. Not sure how to react, I leave the room and proceed to completely black the fuck out on top of Riley’s. Black in an hour or so later on a Chico campus lawn rolling around with a freshman, making out as cars honk and kids cheer passing by. Somehow get a guest pass and am taken up to the freshman’s room. She leaves and asked 10 different girls to come into the room as I’m naked and ask if they approve of me. I’m assuming they did as I proceeded to get a 2 hour blow job. To break down this situation, the beds in this dorm are facing each other. I didn’t realize that her roommate was staring me down for the first half an hour. Then we made eye contact in one of, hands down, the most awkward situations of my life. I later find out this girl’s roommate has never drank, never smoked, and doesn’t believe in having a facebook. I scarred her for life I’m sure. 2 hours later her roommate banished me from the room, so I proceed to nail the girl in her car in the Chico State parking lot. Later as we leave I see “get some” written in the fog of one of the cars. It was a sign from the Gods. Hella Reckless”


About hellareckless

This is a page to post about the things you do, see, or hear that you can only described as Hella Reckless.

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