Legend of the Samurai

“During my stay back home for the holidays, a group of friends that I used to be in a band with decide to have a little reunion party. At first we start off by just drinking a few beers and catching up on what we’ve been up to since high school, some of us are in college, some of us have dropped out, and a few are even facing jail time.

After a short while a few beers turns into too many and we start taking shots and getting belligerent. After we’re all good and wasted the talk of hard drugs starts to surface, and we all know it only takes one person to pitch the idea and then everyone else seems to be down. After calling everyone in our phone books and making idiots of ourselves looking for substances on a random Monday night, a buddy finally gets a hold of a dealer at around 1am. What he failed to mention was that this dealer was a homeless man that lived half hour away.

So as any fiend would do, he decides to drive while nearly blacked out to pick up the dude, after finally locating the guy he says he needs to go another half hour in the other direction to meet his guy to get the stuff, so they drive all the way back and finally get the molly and finally arrive back at the house we’ve been raging in at around 4am. Previously in the night we had been having brutal drunk hunger and devoured a ton of mixed nuts on the counter that we wanted to do the molly off of, this is relevant because the owner of the house is allergic to nuts and was afraid that if he railed the molly off the counter, he would need to go to the hospital, which at this hour would have been an extremely bad situation to be in. So, we searched the house to find a surface, when we stumbled upon a decorative display of samurai swords in the living room. Jackpot. We then proceeded to line up the molly on the samurai swords and go crazy. Turns out it wasn’t molly, still hungover two days later.

Buying drugs off of a homeless man at 3am, hella dumb. Proceeding to do these drugs off of an ancient Japanese artifact, Hella Reckless”


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