The Cab Ride Dipset

“Last night two buddies of mine and I pound 3 swirls a piece (very strong drinks) which blacked all of us out. We hit the bars and of course get absolutely trashed and blacked out. My buddies and I decide to take a cab ride home because we are far beyond walking distance, and the cab ride is super long and ends up costing $40!!

As soon has the foreign cab driver hits a stop sign near our pad, we all jump out and run! The cab driver is literally chasing us for 30 fucking minutes and we have several close calls with the driver coming close to hitting us! One of us goes one way, and me and my 1 friend end up hiding in multiple backyards from the cab driver. I decide its time to run after hiding for a while and what do ya know, there the cab driver is RIGHT in front of me. The cabbie starts yelling at me in his accent and hitting me from the cab window. The driver then tries to snatch my phone and we exchange quite a few words, screaming at each other.

I convince the cab driver I will pay him the next day (ya right) and tell him I will meet him at the bars with $40, sorryboutit HELLA RECKLESS. Come home and my friend we split up from is blacked out on my couch (big surprise). Now to work and then NEW YEARS EVE! Good luck to everyone; STAY HELLA RECKLESS!”

Durka Durka


About hellareckless

This is a page to post about the things you do, see, or hear that you can only described as Hella Reckless.

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