“During my senior year of high school my friends and I decided to go on the SWAT snowboarding trip to make some memories before we left for college. Needless to say, the trip got reckless.

On the first night, after we had returned from the concert that was put on for us, we decided to do a little afterpartying in the hotel and try and find some girls to hook up with. As the night was nearing an end and everyone was leaving with a partner, I followed suit and left with my lady of the night back to her room. I’ll leave the details to your imagination, but we were having quite a fun time and completely forgot that, because this was a high school trip, we had a room check to make sure everyone was back in their room at the correct time. Fuck.

Although my brain forgot about the curfew, my dick somehow remembered. As I was finishing, the lights came on and a large, scary looking woman dressed in a rent-a-cop outfit entered the room to do the room check. This was unfortunate in many ways, but the worst part was having a stare down with a large black woman as I was climaxing. After I did the deed and realized the extent of the situation, I jumped out of bed, threw my clothes on and sprinted out of the hotel room and into my friend’s room, who had luckily already received their room check. To my delight, they were smoking a blunt on the balcony and were more than happy to have me join after I told them my story.

After the blunt was finished, I figured it was time to go back to my room and pass the fuck out. However, if I stepped back in the hallway, I would be fucked because it was past the curfew and they could technically detain me or kick me off the trip. So, one of my friends suggested that since my room was only two doors down, I should just scale the balconies back to my room. At the time, I thought this was a great idea, so I stepped outside and scaled two 4th floor balconies back to my room.

I entered the room to a million questions about where the fuck I’d been and what I’d been doing. Naturally, I just smiled and reached in my pants, took the condom off (finally) and said ‘bro, you don’t even understand.’ Hella Reckless”


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This is a page to post about the things you do, see, or hear that you can only described as Hella Reckless.

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