Fuck off, I’m going to Vegas

  “As any newly 21 year old would do, I took a trip to Vegas to party, party, party. As I arrive at the Oakland airport to begin my journey, some heinous bitch starts telling me to pull up my shirt, and that Jesus will give me more blessings than I can ever give myself. I told her you are preaching to the wrong choir lady, fuck off I’m going to Vegas.

Arrive in Vegas at 8am, and the first thing I see is a pair of spandex Vegas panties. Naturally, I purchase them. Hella Reckless. Later that day we decide to go to Dick’s Last Resort on the strip, and we end up staying there for 4 hours. During our stay there, I do 3 blowjob shots off a Spanish Mexican hottie, Watch two 60 year old British cougars flash a bar tender for free drinks, and get drinks bought for us by said cougars. Hella Reckless.

Although we were disappointed that the Thunder Down Under male strip club was a no-go that night, we ended up having a great time at the Playboy club at the Palms. I walk of shamed-it down the strip wearing sparkly heels and “finally 21″ sash. Had 2 different groups of people ask to take a picture with me. Had a few other people sneak a paparazzi photo of me. Now that’s what you call embarrassing, however, Hella Reckless! To add to the whole experience, I then witnessed someone projetile vomit, out of their nose! Hella Reckless!!! Currently drinking cocktails at the Vegas airport by myself reminiscing on my trip, it was successful to say the least.”

What happens in Vegas stays on Hella Reckless


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This is a page to post about the things you do, see, or hear that you can only described as Hella Reckless.

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