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Winebags and Hoes

Sluts <3

“Me and my buds were just on a Spring Break trip to Lake Havasu along with 1800 students from seperate state schools around the West Coast. Around 2pm I came to my hotel room to refill my rum&coke, and walked in on my roommate makin’ it rain on these two party sluts by stickin’ $20 bills in their bikinis. Chico State students don’t need to front and talk shit similar to how ASU kids act, this is cuz we already know we’re HELLA RECKLESS!”


“woke up from a blackout mess at 10am. go to champagne brunch and bail to the Riley’s cause the wait is too long. get hammered from 11-2 and getting belligerent in 5 and eye. then hop in a car for the three hour drive to sf. stop at in n out on the way down and run over to applebees instead for shots at the bar. make it to sf and get a bottle and tall boys and kill them in 20 minutes in the hotel room. go to irish pub playing electro music and almost get kicked out of the line for picking fights. calling every girl fat and ugly to their face in the bar, reblacking out.

rest of the night pretty hazy and just snapshots but possibly kicked out of club? talking shit to everyone on the street. accidentally stumbled into stripclub thinking it was a normal club and start buying dances. obviously drinking if they had a bar there but dont remember. almost get kicked out of strip club for filming with camera and groping strippers? leave strip club at 5 in the morning (who knew that it would be open that late) and stumble back to hotel with no help from people on the street. running from and taking pictures of homeless people. jumping on cars. take more shots at hotel? dip towels in toilet and place on passed out friends face. get a noise warning at 6 in the morning and get told that we had two more warnings. wake up shitfaced and start drinking again for lunch. hella reckless chico style”

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