Ditching on the Cab Driver

A Hella Reckless family friend took a cab with 2 buddies home from the bar. Let’s just say they were hammered and when the Indian cab driver stopped to let them out, they just ran instead of paying. He texted _____ for weeks about this. Here’s some of the texts:


The Butthole Beer Bong

Sent to us by a dear friend of ours, this is a funnel beer-bong going UP THE ASS of this alcohol veteran. We had to block out his face because, he would simply be too famous for his own good! Once again the HELLA RECKLESS family takes the crown of getting drunker than the entire world. According to the picture submitee, “We checked to see if the shots were going in, and we saw inside of _____’s asshole. Hella Reckless”

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